Lexus NX Tops Google Luxury Vehicle Search

Lexus NX Tops Google Luxury Vehicle Search

Lexus NX, the dynamic and luxurious SUV from Lexus has recently topped Google search for Luxury Vehicles. It took over four years and the creative efforts of over 2000 engineers to create the NX. Lexus’ newly developed two litre turbo engine provides all the power you need. But power is just one factor in real world performance. Handling is another, big factor. The NX handles superbly — intuitively — to offer sheer driving pleasure under all conditions. The NX is for people who want to stand out from the crowd, too and lead.

Having pioneered the luxury-utility crossover category more than a decade ago with the original midsized RX300, Lexus is now poised to disrupt the SUV segment once again with the all-new NX. The turbocharged NX combines the expertise of racers within the engineering team and the impeccable touch of Lexus luxury through an exciting and sporty design to set a new benchmark in the automotive world.

For its first-ever turbocharged gasoline engine, Lexus created all-new engine architecture. The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder port and direct-injection turbo engine uses an advanced valve control system to switch between Atkinson cycle and Otto cycle operation to optimize performance.

The NX with all-weather drive introduces Dynamic Torque Control AWD to provide maximum traction and cornering stability. The system continuously controls torque transfer between the front and rear wheels, using sensors for vehicle speed, steering angle, steering speed, throttle angle and yaw rate.

The NX’s array of technology innovations sets new standards for future Lexus models. It features the first application of a new Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) with a touch pad. A highly visible and easy-to-understand navigation screen enables users to confirm a range of information at a glance.

The look and feel of Lexus luxury detail begins before you enter the NX. A single LED elegantly streams a welcoming beam of light along the top of the handle and also to the ground as the driver approaches the vehicle. The cabin design combines structural elements with luxurious yet functional materials and textures. A neat-looking switch layout and aesthetic surfaces epitomize the NX’s interior concept – “traditional luxury accentuated by simple functional beauty”.

The Lexus NX comes with a comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features. The Panoramic View Monitor, introduced into a Lexus vehicle for the first time, helps the driver avoid other vehicles and pedestrians approaching from the sides. Frontal and side collision protection measures on the NX include the use of high tensile steel, across the centre-pillar hinge reinforcement, outer rockers and roof cross-members.

The NX has dual stage driver’s airbag and knee airbag, dual-stage and dual-chamber front passenger airbag, front side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags, and offers the Lexus Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS) which uses the all-speed Adaptive Cruise Control system’s millimeter-wavelength radar sensor to detect vehicles and other obstacles.

The F SPORT variant promises a special driving experience with its aggressive looks such as a grille that’s even bolder than on the standard model. The L-mesh black grille integrates with a metallic coated lower bumper moulding, and black side mirrors match the grille. Exclusive wheels, cabin styling and trim and bolstered sports seats add to the F SPORT repertoire in the NX.

In Oman every Lexus vehicle comes with special benefits and privileges such as 6 years unlimited extended mileage protection and Lexus Prestige Club Card that offers 24 hours on-road assistance from AAA.