Lexus Tops US Customer Satisfaction Survey

Lexus Tops US Customer Satisfaction Survey

Lexus has long been at the forefront of engineering cutting-edge technologies in its range of vehicles, to enhance the overall experience in every Lexus. The response has been phenomenal and has helped Lexus shine at major automotive events around the world. Recently, Lexus finished first overall in the American Customer Satisfaction Index Automotive Report, scoring 84 out of a possible 100 points. The annual report is based on owner feedback of vehicles purchased up to three years ago.

In Oman Lexus enthusiasts have 10 premium Lexus models to choose from – the IS, ES, GS, LS, NX, RX, GX, LX and the recently introduced RC and RC F.

The RC is truly a unique high-performance machine that emphasizes the attraction of a luxury two-door coupe. Producing power output per litre second only to the LFA super car in the Lexus range, the RC signals the next evolution of Lexus power train engineering. The 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine produces maximum power of 314 HP/6400 rpm, and peak torque of 38.5 Kg.M/4800 rpm, to provide a passionate driving experience.

The RC’s interior design creates a sense of both sportiness and elegance. Highly acclaimed sports concept vehicles have greatly influenced the RC interior, making maximum use of contrasting colours, materials and lighting. A purpose-built Lexus-first lighting package provides a great sense of occasion, with illumination that reflects upwards, rather than downwards, to envelop the cabin. High-contrast interior colours emphasize design lines and accentuate the elegant cabin.

The RC in RC F stands for Radical Coupe and the new RC F lives up entirely to this concept and Lexus’ legendary heritage with its impressive combination of futuristic style and performance to blaze a new path for Lexus in the Middle East. The RC F is the world’s first front-engine, rear-wheel-drive car to make use of a Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD) for guaranteed levels of extraordinary handling and performance. Power is transferred through a newly calibrated eight-speed transmission. It has wider wheels and tyres, an active rear wing, air scoops, cooling ducts and carbon fiber components all of which integrate to deliver the best from Lexus in terms of ‘functional beauty’.

The RC F has an all-new 5.0-liter 32-valve V8 engine that provides maximum power at higher engine revolutions than previously possible. The engine is Lexus’ most powerful V8 engine, with 12 per cent more power than the IS F engine on which it is based.

The RC F’s striking, cockpit-like interior enhances the overall driving dynamics with its unique components which include the meters, steering wheel, seats, ornamentation and pedals. The primary instrument gauge has been developed from LFA with extra enhancements which can be viewed at a glance, an essential requirement of track-day activity. The steering wheel is unique to RC F to provide firm grip and operation.

From the very beginning Lexus was conceived to set new standards within the automotive world and this pursuit continues today. In a relatively short period of time, Lexus has established a unique place in the automotive world as a manufacturer of premium vehicles that distil breathtaking design, advanced technology, heart-stopping performance, environmental sensitivity and refined levels of luxury into one distinctive package.

Lexus is constantly looking to the future, driven by innovation. The process to create a Lexus vehicle is unique within the automotive industry. Taking inspiration from fields as diverse as the fashion industry, architecture, the arts and medicine, each vehicle is painstakingly crafted to meet Lexus’ exacting standards.

In Oman every Lexus vehicle comes with special benefits and privileges such as 6 years unlimited extended mileage protection and Lexus Prestige Club Card that offers 24 hours on-road assistance from AAA.