Lexus in Oman

In Oman Lexus vehicles are brought to you by Saud Bahwan Group. Since its introduction in Oman, Lexus has remained the finest luxury automobile in the market even earning the distinction of being the No.1 Prestige brand in Oman. Throughout its journey in Oman, Lexus has offered enthusiasts unparalleled ownership experiences.

This was made possible due to Saud Bahwan Group’s continued focus on investments in facilities and services as part of a strategy focused on providing discerning Lexus customers with the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction. From world-class 3 S facilities to, inspiring hospitality to highly personalized attention, professional sales staff, Lexus Oman places customers at the centre of all its activities.

Lexus in Oman continues to grow from strength to strength while taking customer satisfaction to all new levels. After all luxury can only be enjoyed in an environment that promotes magnificence in every way.