Saud Bahwan Group: Touching People’s Lives

Saud Bahwan Group, one of Oman’s largest business group’s continuously touches people’s lives by drawing them closer to world-class products and services.

The Group’s nationwide presence even in the remotest locations of Oman ensures that the Group’s activities continue to make a positive difference across various sphere. Including Automotive & Allied business, Heavy Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Turnkey Projects, Special Equipment, Municipal & Civic Services, Property & Real Estate and Travel & Tourism.

Throughout all its endeavours, Saud Bahwan Group has continuously placed customer satisfaction at the centre of all its activities. To maintain high standards of customer care, the Group has made considerable investments in infrastructure, human resources and marketing initiatives across various operations. Through a nationwide network of state-of-the-art 3 S facilities backed by sophisticated warehousing facilities, the Group aims to reassure customers that wherever they may be in Oman, they are always close to a Saud Bahwan Group facility.

Saud Bahwan Group is totally committed to national priorities and continues to play a major role in developing a large base of local talent through extensive training of Omanis.

Always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities, the Group continues to confidently foray into new fields – in new sectors of the economy. However, even more important than the objective of growth in turnover it that of raising customer care to greater heights. A special Customer Care Cell headed directly by the Chairman ensures that as the organisation grows, it gets even closer to the Customer. In pushing outward the boundaries of excellence, the goal has always been “Customer Satisfaction No. 1”.

In recognition of Saud Bahwan Group’s continued efforts towards achieving high levels of customer care, the Group has been honoured with a number of accolades and laurels from distinguished bodies and Principals, the world over.