Engineered for pure enjoyment the RC F is one of the most amazing high performance 2+2 coupe ever created. It’s not just the next expression of Lexus F values, a race bred approach to the of sports driving pleasure. Its creation integrated 3 core attributes; tuning & technology of LFA supercar, deepening of three elements of “F” driving fun; and an emotional and enthralling driving experience. It generates a captivating driving experience that brings an irrepressible smile to every driver’s face.


Exterior Colors

White Nova Glass Flake


Capturing the purity of a true racing coupe, the aggressive stance of the wide, low RC F is punctuated by design elements including head-turning LED headlamps, a striking hood vent, front cooling ducts, signature F Badging and an iconic Lexus spindle grille set low in the front fascia.


The RC F is like no other performance coupe that has come before. Lexus engineers have worked tirelessly to create a vehicle that, quite simply, sets a new standard of exhilaration. The RC F has been styled for optimum high speed stability necessary to support the most powerful V8 performance car ever developed by Lexus. It has wider wheels and tyres, an active rear wing, air scoops, cooling ducts and carbon fiber components, each delivering ‘functional beauty’.


While exceptional performance and driving thrills were a focus in the development of the RC F, safety was never an afterthought. Indeed, cutting-edge safety systems have been seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, ready to activate in an instant should the need ever arise.