IS F Sport
Powered to Thrill
Dynamic Performance
Thrilling Experiences

IS F Sport

Get set to experience a driving sensation packed with power, performance and thrill. The Lexus IS F Sport transforms the driving feel, empowering you to enjoy an extra dose of adrenaline rush. The Lexus IS F Sport proves that when it comes to performance, there is no halfway.


Exterior Colors

White Nova GF


Inspiring and aggressive, the Lexus IS F Sport, is designed to evoke exceptional impressions. Its low and wide coupe-like stance, bold front fascia and muscular silhouette, gives the IS F Sport an unmistakable exterior design. Encouraging you to take a seat and enjoy thrilling experiences.


That Is Pure Fun

From the Shimoyama test track to the open roads. The powerful Lexus IS F Sport, is a shift in dynamic driving experiences. The IS F Sport, raises the bar on thrill, with its dynamic responsiveness and sporty road feel. Designed to stir imaginations and inspire the desire to make every moment extraordinary.


The Lexus IS F Sport, is the purest expression of exhilaration. Detailed research in collision impact have allowed Lexus engineers to develop highly advanced active and passive safety systems that will keep you well-protected from potential hazards. Get set to go to great lengths, all the way.