Engineered for a New Era


In 2012, the birth of an unconventional idea took shape at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) as a concept LF-LC, shattering industry conventions. A passionate collaboration between engineers and designers paved the way for the launch of an unbelievable yet captivating LC500h; setting new standards for performance, styling and craftsmanship.


Exterior Colors

White Nova GF


The cutting-edge design of the LC500h represents much more than a high-performance coupe. It is a powerful expression of everything that is possible. The LC500h is the latest representation of Lexus’ evolution in both exceptional styling and dynamic driving. It marks the beginning of a new phase for Lexus.


The LC500h offers the agility and visceral driving experience synonymous with its non-hybrid sibling. Not surprising when you consider that the hybrid drivetrain has been perfected with the same unflinching commitment to performance making it an absolutely delightful and fulfilling experience.


The LC500h’s exhilarating sports coupe performance is strengthened by active and passive safety measures that utilize advanced technologies to deepen your peace of mind. Giving you enough reasons to indulge in exceptional driving experiences which otherwise would only be wishful.