& captivating

RC 350

Lexus created the exclusive F Sport package to inject razor-sharp sports performance into RC driving. The sophisticated and soul-stirring RC F Sport instantly creates feelings of excitement and anticipation and one glimpse is all it takes to understand that experiencing the RC F Sport will be nothing short of incredibly breathtaking.


Exterior Colors

White Nova Glass Flake


A design that is captivating, enticing and exhilarating – one that would be loved upon first sight – set the direction for Lexus engineers when creating the RC350. Every carefully considered design detail in the RC350 has resulted in a vehicle that is quite simply impossible to ignore. The result undoubtedly fulfils this goal with a unique sports coupe that stands apart from all other contenders.


Impassioned performance focuses on capturing your heart and sending your spirit soaring. The RC350 is a vehicle for those who demand the highest standards in performance motoring. It is an individual’s coupe that’s not afraid to differentiate itself from the pack.


To help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable drive while ensuring optimum safety, the RC embraces the use of advanced Lexus technologies to provide enhanced protection that contributes to presenting you complete peace-of-mind and sporty driving pleasure.