Designed For
Timeless Impressions
Longer, Wider
& More Exciting


The next-generation LS realizes the “Ultimate Experience of Visionary Anticipation”, a uniquely creative and emotional experience made possible by Lexus vision designed to capture the hearts of the next wave of world leaders. The introduction of world’s firsts and Lexus firsts features on the LS has resulted in the most refined and most advanced Lexus flagship ever built.


Exterior Colors

White Nova


The Lexus LS’s coupe-like silhouette design is inspiring. Every aspect is reimagined to make it look radical yet appealing. Lexus designers’ dedication to L-Finesse the design philosophy contributes to inspiring amazing experiences on every journey. Beginning with attracting all eyes on you.


The LS’s pulsating performance befits its flagship status. Engineered to provide all the power you need, when you need it, the LS rewards you with total control that’s rarely associated with a full-sized luxury flagship. Take the wheel in the LS and let your heart do the talking.


The Lexus LS has been equipped with pioneering Lexus advancements in Safety. The LS350 excels with a complex array of new safety measures. Providing improved protection with intelligent features that provide better visibility, braking performance, high-speed stability and injury prevention.