UX F Sport
Uncompromising Thrill


The first-ever UX F Sport, Crossover Utility Vehicle, is bold, aggressive and distinct in every detail. The UX seizes any opportunity to deliver its dynamic power on the road. Its outstanding design and painstaking craftsmanship make once single statement – the UX F Sport CUV will drive you on every journey.


Exterior Colors

White Nova GF


Building on the secure powerful presence of the UX, the F Sport Crossover Utility Vehicle evokes sports performance at a glance. The UX amazingly blends aggressive looks and functionality to accentuate a feeling of rush even in the smallest details. The design on the UX F Sport pushes the boundaries of conventions to make every impression, leading-edge.


The next level of the UX – the UX F Sport Crossover Utility Vehicle takes the thrill of driving up notches with its power-packed performance. At the heart of the UX is an exhilarating spirit that unfolds a new dimension in driving dynamics, response and agility. Take your seat in the NX F Sport and enjoy a special feeling, a one that sets your heart racing.


Lexus advancements in safety have an active and passive presence on the UX F Sport Crossover Utility Vehicle. Advanced engineering and attention to detail enhance the driving enjoyment. A combination of features and technology work together with split second precision to keep you protected wherever you head out to.