Designed to Captivate
Engineered to Thrill
From Every Angle

NX Hybrid

A Captivating Evolution

The first ever NX hybrid pushes the boundaries of expectations with its hybrid electric technology. That charges the NX on the go. The pioneering Lexus hybrid electric technology offers silent performance yet is surprisingly powerful in terms of performance and absolutely rewarding in fuel-efficiency. Experience the first ever NX HEV and get set to pleasantly surprise yourself on every drive.



The NX is much like a diamond. As with any work of art, its beauty lies in the detail. From the exterior mirrors’ subtle chrome-plated ornamentation to the strong, defiant grille, this is a vehicle that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Making it bold and unashamedly individual.

Exterior Colors

Sonic Quartz


The powerful stance of the NX gives you a hint of the excitement to come once your journey begins. This luxury compact SUV offers a level of performance that will thrill and delight you. At the heart of the NX is agile and highly responsive sports performance that answers the rapidly changing challenges of daily city driving.


In the NX, safety is not just a measure of air bags. The NX embraces the use of advanced technologies to help ensure the safety of driver and passengers, by providing a margin of protection that enhances driving enjoyment. It’s a combination of features and technology working together with split second precision to keep you protected every moment on the road.