The All New LX
The next chapter
of flagship SUV LUXURY
The All New LX
Master Every Journey


Flagship Luxury 4WD

The Lexus LX is built to realise everything you wished for in a luxury 4WD. Elevating driver and passenger experiences to unprecedented heights. The Lexus LX is completely reimagined with remarkable strength, attractive design appeal and unmatched capability to be the next chapter of flagship luxury.


Exterior Colors

White Nova Glass Flake


With its muscular presence and stylish body lines the LX 600 looks like no other four wheel drive. Its exterior features, including high performance alloy wheels, are designed to make driving and travelling an absolute pleasure.


As the LX has the capability to go almost anywhere, Lexus drivers can find themselves in a huge variety of driving conditions. That’s why the LX encompasses the very latest in automotive innovation to ensure that whether you’re tackling mountain terrains or the routine highway, you have the technological advancements you need to do it with confidence.


There’s one single aspect of automotive excellence that concerns each of our designers, engineers and technicians, more than any other – Your Safety. Lexus has made a far reaching commitment to safety pursuing standards that in all cases surpass current safety protocol.