2018 Lexus LS500 Hybrid – A Favorite with Customers

2018 Lexus LS500 Hybrid – A Favorite with Customers

The all-new 2018 Lexus LS500 Hybrid & Gasoline variants were recently launched at a very well-attended function at the Lexus showroom, Wattayah. Mesmerizing acts and very informative product information drew immense interest in the minds of customers. The LS500 Hybrid is indeed a benchmark with revolutionary technology that assures customers of the finest experiences.

Befitting to a flagship model, the LS500 Hybrid on the day of its launch in Oman, had two enthusiasts become the first two owners. Doused in extreme happiness Mr. Ali Hasan Hamoud Al Raisi, one of the new owners said, “I have been a fan of LS since 2001. Year after year the LS continued to remain my luxury vehicle of choice. Adding dependable value and luxury to my countless journeys. Today the 5th Generation LS will be another star to my list. I particularly chose the LS Hybrid because I was impressed with the advancements Lexus has made in Hybrid technology. Literally when the car is on and idle, you will easily mistake it for being off. It is so silent. I am really happy for making the right choice.”

The second LS500 Hybrid customer Mr. Mohammed Sabil Al Balushi has long been a fan of Lexus due to its exceptional quality, comfort, durability and resale value. Sharing his views on the LS500 Hybrid he said, “The Lexus LS500h is truly in a league of its own. Right from the design to the technology to the first-class lounge like interiors, every aspect is built to move you forward on every journey.”

The LS500 Hybrid is equipped with many World’s-First and Lexus-First features including:

Kiriko Glass: Glass has rarely been used as an interior door-trim piece, but like the origami-inspired pleated fabric, a special kiriko-cut glass piece gives the LS instant distinctiveness and a level of artistry never before seen in an automobile.

Hand-pleated Upholstery: The draped pleating of the door panels is an effect created by applying the time-honoured skills of Origami paper folding. It took four years to develop the hand-pleating upholstery process, which can only be carried out by human hand. It mirrors the work of the finest Origami artists, requiring individual lengths of a fabric cloth to be expertly folded like a sheet of paper, with each fold carefully overlapping the next to create the desired pleating effect.

Largest Head-up Display: This transparent display appears on the windscreen and presents data without requiring the driver to look away from usual viewpoints.

28-way Power Adjustable Seats: This feature allows the front passengers to opt for their most comfortable position while they sit back and enjoy the journeys.

Hands-free Power Trunk Lid: This Lexus-first feature allows the owner to open the trunk lid by simply waving their feet under the trunk. Perfect feature especially when the hands are full with shopping bags.

To discover more about how the Lexus LS500 Hybrid can brighten your journeys, walk-in to your nearest Lexus showroom for an experience you will love.

In Oman, every Lexus vehicle comes with special benefits and privileges such as 4 years/100,000 Kms (whichever is earlier) Manufacturer’s Warranty and 24 hours on-road assistance from AAA.

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